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UK Standard Visitor Visa Process

Applying for a Visitor Visa to the UK

A standard visitor visa is the most appropriate visa type for most general visits to the UK.

The Standard UK Visitor visa has replaced the:

  1. Family Visitor visa

  2. General Visitor visa

  3. Child Visitor visa

  4. Business Visitor visa, including visas for academics, doctors and dentists

  5. Sports Visitor visa

  6. Entertainer Visitor visa

  7. Prospective Entrepreneur visa

  8. Private Medical Treatment Visitor visa

  9. Approved Destination Status (ADS) visa

So, you need not to determine the most appropriate visa type for your trip. A standard visitor visa covers it all including a leisure trip, family visitor visa and business visitor visa to the UK.

This standard visitor visa types are multiple entry and permit applicants to stay for up to 6 months on every visit. Visit the UK visa website to further check your eligibility.

Application timeline and requirements

The earliest applicants can start the process is three months before date of travel. Standard processing period is 15 working days from time of application. The UK visa application process does not accept walk-ins. Thus, application and appointment should be rendered online through VFS Jalandhar or Chandigarh [] and applicants need to wait for their invitation for a scheduled appearance at the visa application center.

Do not forget to provide an original and photocopy of the following documents:

1. Appointment letter and printed application form

2. (x2) Passport size photos

3. Previous and current passports (6 months validity within travel period)

4. Letter from Employer and 6 months Wage/Pay Slips

5. If Self-employed, letter from CA and Income Tax Returns and relevant income Tax forms

6. Business receipts/crop receipts or invoices

7. Business Account bank statement for 1 year

8. Current account bank statements for 6 months

9. Savings bank accounts to cover the entire cost of the trip

10. Letter of invitation from sponsor i.e. Sponsorship from the UK

11. Travel Insurance

12. Two valid IDs

13. Proof of payment of visa application fee